Modular live-bootable linux SFSLiveBoot

Creating EFI-bootable USB

You can add other common or dist-dependent .sfs files for more functionality. Check README.txt files from the .zip for more information.

Booting directly with KVM

kver=6.3.11 dist=bookworm flavor=gnome repo=
append="root=mem:$repo/$dist/00-$dist-$flavor.sfs+:sfs/x86_64/10-kernel-$kver.sfs+:sfs/common/15-settings.sfs+:sfs/common/20-scripts.sfs+:sfs/common/40-home.sfs+mem ip=dhcp"

curl -#SfLO "$repo/x86_64/{ramdisk_net,vmlinuz}-$kver"
kvm -m 4096 -initrd ramdisk_net-$kver -kernel vmlinuz-$kver -append "$append"
If you have wired network connection and feel really adventurous, you can modify command above and replace running linux on-fly using kexec like this: sudo kexec -l --initrd=ramdisk_net-$kver --append="$append" vmlinuz-$kver && sudo kexec -e (though it might take a while until you see anything, after system is successfully downloaded and booted)